What Just Happened by Richard Hell

Winter Editions

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ISBN 978-1-959708-00-1


In What Just Happened, Richard Hell’s new poems are interspersed with images created for the book by Christopher Wool. Hell's seminal essay “Falling Asleep” and “Chronicle,” a list drawn from his recent years’ notebooks, complete the collection."

We always knew Richard Hell was a poet, and that he was one long before he became a rock star and fashion icon. What surprises about his new poems is the density of thought they compress into their apparently casual sleeves. They join with his ars poetica, "Falling Asleep," to form a sustained conversation with uncertainty, making peace with the idea that life has no meaning.” —Lucy Sante

Richard Hell is the author of several books of fiction, poetry, essays, notebooks, autobiography, and collaborations including The Voidoid, Go Now, Godlike, Across the Years, Artifact, Hot and Cold, I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp, Massive Pissed Love, Wanna Go Out? by Theresa Stern (with Tom Verlaine) and Psychopts (with Christopher Wool). He lives in New York.