Currents is a cooperative of independent publishers based in the US dedicated to sharing experimental literature across borders. Since international shipping costs are prohibitively high when working independently, we have joined together to offer a collective catalog and to share resources and labor around distribution. Currents offers wholesale rates and lower, consolidated shipping costs for international booksellers, with the aim of expanding the reach of our books to new audiences.

Xavier Danto, Operations Coordinator

Kyle Richardson, Website and Design


Our central hub operates out of 379 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11206. 

Hours: M—F, 11am—5pm

Email us at currentsbooks@gmail.com.


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Should you decide to return an order for refund, please note that Currents Books cannot be responsible for any customs duties or fees associated with return shipments and that any incurred costs will be deducted from your refund.

Participating Presses

3 Hole Press

3 Hole Press is a home for performance in book form and everyday life. We publish titles that expand our notions of plays, scripts, and scores, how we engage with them, and how we distribute them. We view publishing as a step towards making contemporary performance more accessible, and celebrate performance created for a reader. Through publication, commissioned reflections and live events, the Press creates a route for artists working in and around performance to have their work shared in the context of a wider cultural conversation.


Belladonna* promotes the work of women and feminist writers who are adventurous, experimental, politically involved, impossible to define, unpredictable, and dangerous with language. Belladonna* is committed to publishing and building literary community among women and LGBTQIA+ authors who write off-center, producing work that is political and critical; situational rather than plot-driven; inter-subjective, performative, or witnessing rather than personally revelatory; work that reaches across the boundaries and binaries of literary genre and artistic fields, and that questions the gender binary.


Futurepoem Books is a New York City-based publishing collaborative dedicated to presenting innovative works of contemporary poetry and prose by both emerging and important underrepresented writers.

Our rotating editorial panel shares the responsibility for selecting, designing and promoting the books we produce. Futurepoem also occasionally invites writers or multi-genre artists to produce work for special projects that is then documented in print or via other media.

Litmus Press / Post-Apollo Press

Litmus Press is a program of Ether Sea Projects, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit literature and arts organization. We are dedicated to publishing innovative, cross-genre, and interdisciplinary work by poets, writers, translators, and artists. Litmus Press and Ether Sea Projects also distribute the catalogs of two historic feminist presses: O Books, founded by Leslie Scalapino in 1986, and The Post-Apollo Press, founded by Simone Fattal in 1982. With regular reissues and new editions of Post-Apollo and O Books titles in addition to its new publications, Litmus Press cultivates a critical, poetic space in which disparate languages, genres, geographies, and artistic lineages converge, bringing forth singular, expansive works of contemporary literature.

Thick Press

Thick Press is a collaborative publishing project between social worker, Erin Segal, and graphic designer, Julie Cho, that centers practices by care-givers, justice-seekers, and community-builders. With an editorial lens focused on modalities of love, reflexiveness, playfulness, and tenderness, Thick Press strives to question oppressive structures from within the thick of human experience. Inspired by artists’ books and chapbooks, Thick Press publishes texts that cross genres and disciplines.

Ugly Duckling Presse

Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit publisher for poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction, performance texts, and books by artists. Through the efforts of a volunteer editorial collective, UDP was transformed from a 1990s zine into a mission-driven small press that has published more than 400 titles to date, and produced countless prints and ephemera.

UDP favors emerging, international, and “forgotten” writers, and its books, chapbooks, artist’s books, broadsides, and periodicals often contain handmade elements, calling attention to the labor and history of bookmaking.

UDP is committed to keeping its publications in circulation with our online archive of out-of-print chapbooks and our digital proofs program. In all of its activities, UDP endeavors to create an experience of art free of expectation, coercion, and utility.

Wendy's Subway

Wendy's Subway is a non-profit reading room, writing space, and independent publisher located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Since our founding in 2013, we have provided an open and versatile platform for expanding modes of reading, writing, and publishing. Wendy’s Subway is dedicated to encouraging creative, critical, and discursive engagement with arts and literature, with the belief that equitable access to reading and collaborative forms of knowledge-production are catalysts for social transformation.