Transverse by Lindsay Choi



Softcover / 6 x 8 inches / 96 pp

ISBN 978-1733038430


Transverse weaves between languages and forms, cultivating the questions and lacunae that emerge in their encounter. In the three parts that make up the book, music, mathematics, philosophical logic, and lyric convention come in and out of relation to press upon questions of form and meaning-making, and attend to the moments when coherence appears to take place or dissolve. Following sonic and visual echos, practices and plays upon citation, Transverse traces and distorts logics of allegory, repetition, and representation, moving towards an inquiry into the nature of our encounter with and recognition of the world.

최 Lindsay | Lindsay Choi is a poet and translator working between English, Korean, and Swedish. In addition to Transverse, they are the author of a chapbook, Matrices, (speCt! books, 2017). They are a Kundiman Fellow and a Ph.D. student in English Literature at UC Berkeley. Their work can be found in Omniverse, Amerarcana, Aster(ix) Journal, and elsewhere. They are a founding co-editor, with Noah Ross, of the chapbook press MO(O)ON/IO. Their work has been translated to French, and appears in NIOQUES, 22/23: Nouvelle Poésie Des Étas-Unis (New U.S. Poetry), edited by DoubleChange Collective, and translated by Abigail Lang.