Rehearsing Solidarity: Learning from Mutual Aid by Mark Anthony Hernandez Motaghy (with CHMA and MAMAS)

Thick Press


Softcover / 12.2 x 17.8 cm / 153 pp



This zine-book is an artifact of mutual aid organizing by Crown Heights Mutual Aid (CHMA) and Mutual Aid Medford/Somerville (MAMAS) from the beginning of the pandemic until early 2022. It contains transcribed interviews between Mark and mutual aid workers; the transcript of a conversation about food pods, convened by Mark (and sponsored by the Urbano Project) with members of the two mutual aid groups; an article by Lauren Hudson (CHMA member) about solidarity economies and mutual aid, reprinted from a digital publication by the Editorial Collective of Rethinking Marxism; and flyers from CHMA and MAMAS. The texts are interspersed with descriptions and reflections written by Mark, who has been involved with both groups. Important themes include, among others: solidarity, mutuality, needfulness, adaptability, and the role of technology in organizing.

Second Edition
Edition of 150