Recuerdos de Nuestro Pasado by Angela Celaya, Sergio Guzman, Jose Lovos, Gloria Revelo, and Erin Segal

Thick Press


Hardcover / 6.5 x 10.25 in / 112 pp

ISBN 978-1-73206-660-1


"Recuerdos de Nuestro Pasado" is a polyphonic memoir about growing up in El Salvador and growing old in Washington, DC. Part oral history, part artist’s book, Recuerdos emerged unexpectedly from a storytelling group at Mary’s Center’s Bernice Fonteneau Senior Wellness Center. Using alternating English-language stanzas, the book expresses the life stories of four senior citizens. "Recuerdos" includes images of the seniors’ photographs and objects, as well as illustrations by the book designer. Eight narrow pages contain content referencing the collaborative practices that engendered this unusual book-as-object. (The authors have decided to donate all profit, if any, to St. Jude Children's Hospital.)