Planet Drill by Jessica Laser


Softcover / / pp

ISBN 978-1-7330384-6-1


"In an era of disintegration, frack and melt, any human who wants to move away from habits of harm must feel for new ways to inhabit Planet Drill, using our signature bodily function: language. In Jessica Laser's Planet Drill, human language is like the slime-mold quietly recreating the subway map of Tokyo: deft, resourceful, pliant, responsive, and, finally, collectively, wise."
- Joyelle McSweeney

Jessica Laser was born in Chicago. She is the author of Sergei Kuzmich from All Sides (Letter Machine Editions) and the chapbooks He That Feareth Every Grass Must Not Piss in a Meadow (paradigm press) and Assumed Knowledge and the Knowledge Assumed from Experience (The Catenary Press). Her work has been supported by Brown University, The Iowa Writers' Workshop, The University of California, Berkeley, The Mastheads and The New Literary Project.