Holding Vigil by Rickey Cummings

Thick Press


Pamphlet / 4.4 x 7 inches / 36 pp



Holding Vigil is a diaristic account of a friend’s execution, written by Rickey Cummings from Texas’ Death Row. Afterword by Mark Menjivar.

From Rickey Cummings’s foreword:

"Too often, when a man is scheduled to be murdered by the state, all that’s talked about is the before (the crime) and the after (the trial and/or execution). Nothing is said about how we, as a nation, can be more proactive about saving said person’s life. Nothing is said about who said person is at the time of their execution. And, there’s nothing that accounts for the lived experiences of the men and women on Death Row who witness those they consider friends being walked to their deaths. While I was initially just using writing as an outlet to process my thoughts and feelings, Holding Vigil provides such an account." Learn about how to help Rickey at iamrickeycummings.com.

Edition of 200