Camera by Marcelline Delbecq

Ugly Duckling Presse


Chapbook / 140 x 178 mm / 32 pp

ISBN 978-1-946433-28-2


Marcelline Delbecq’s Camera stitches itself together from a constellation of inquiries into photography as a practice of intuition and enigma. Delbecq interlaces works of film, photography, and writing to open a dialogue with herself, investigating photography’s impulse to reach outward. Camera forges an interplay between movement—the kind that lingers behind visual objects—and stillness, implicating a theory of the image as an interpretative, embodied act. With the fixity and power that looking at photographs enables, Camera builds an awareness, like that of Chris Marker’s distinction between Russian and American filmmakers, that unravels notions of “as above, so below.”