The Immeasurable Want of Light by Daaimah Mubashshir

3 Hole Press


Softcover / 127 x 178 cm / 116 pp

ISBN 978-0-9982763-3-5


The Immeasurable Want of Light is a collection of many short plays drawn from Mubashshir’s two-year personal practice of writing a play a day to capture and express the ever-shifting perspective of living in black skin. Inspired by Chris Ofili’s Afro Muses, each play is distinct in subject, form and tone, presenting a constellation of theatrical portraits.

The Immeasurable Want of Light builds into a dense polyphony, with characters and motifs recurring, advancing, and receding from view with each scene change—like paintings in a gallery that come in and out of focus as you walk around....people emerge endowed with language: words, sentences, “whole mercurial texts” that over ow luminously.
—BOMB Magazine 2018 Editors Choice

This collection of plays is a testimony to and an expression of life in the Black body and psyche. The work dares to meet the subject matter where it is, allowing it to tell the truth, shame the devil, and put a self congratulatory industry on notice. The time for niceties has come and gone. If theatre is to be revolutionary, it cannot be lukewarm, it must bring the fire. That is what Daaimah Mubashshir has done.
—Stacey Rose