MORE STUPIDS by Emmy Bright

3 Hole Press


Slipcase containing book and deck / 124 x 159 cm / 62 pp

ISBN 978-0-9982763-6-6


MORE STUPIDS is a book and deck that commingles autobiography, critical theory, diagrams and dumb jokes.
You may use the set in many ways.
None are correct.

"A queer post-modern tarot-esque deck that serves up hilarious and sensual fodder for foresight and insight that comes from the o en overlooked encounters in life. Visual wordplay lays bare a paranoid awareness of how impossibly exposed we are, yet makes clear that, in this, we are not alone."
—Paula Wilson

"MORE STUPIDS is not. Emmy Bright’s visual pleasures, clari , sense of n are matched by her textual probi and intelligence. More Stupids illuminates. Bright’s art is, in my humble opinion, brilliant."
—Lynne Tillman